Management Plan for Fish Bay Watershed, St. John, USVI (2001)  
Department of Planning and Natural Resources

A Brief History of Estate Fish Bay (2003)
Chuck Pishko
“In 1728…two Dutchmen took up land and built a cotton plantation in Fish Bay….Wood harvesting and charcoal burning were widely practiced in the uncultivated areas….To the present, people are torching crab (crab hunting by flashlight) on the full moon.”

Report of Archaeological Reconnaissance at Fish Bay, St. John, USVI (2003), Dave  Davis

Wetlands Conservation Plan for St. Thomas and St. John, USVI (2006) Renata Platenburg, Division of Fish and Wildlife

Trees in the Fish Bay Flatland (2008)
Report on a volunteer community-awareness project by
Gail Karlsson, Eleanor Gibney, Brian Oldfield and Edward Oldfield
in collaboration with Island Resources Foundation.

First Characterization of Shark Nursery Habitat in the USVI (2008)  Bryan M. DeAngelis et al.
“Fish Bay was determined to provide important nursery habitat for juvenile lemon and blacktip sharks in the USVI.”

A Bat Conservation and Management Plan for St Thomas and St. John, USVI (2009)
Kevel Lindsay, Jean-Pierre Bacle, Gary Kwiecinski,
Island Resources Foundation

Juvenile Blacktip and Lemon Shark Movements Within Two Nursery Areas of St. John, USVI (2011)
Brian Legare

Baseline Assessment of Fish and Coral Bays, St. John, USVI in Support of Watershed Restoration Activities, Part 1. Fish, Coral and Benthic Habitats (2012)
NOAA Coastal Centers for National Coastal Science

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